DCR is

the future of business processes

Instantly optimize any business process

DCR Solutions is revolutionising the Business Process Management market by helping companies in heavily regulated industries digitize their processes, ensuring higher compliance and transparency, while saving employees time and company costs.

DCR boosts the value of your existing IT system by adapting to your business needs. DCR’s no-code business process management platform is a new approach to process digitization and process mining that enables you to create more efficient and more compliant processes.

Customer results

Helping knowledge workers and managements

Process improvement functionality makes existing core IT systems run smoother. The result? Management can instantly adapt the organization to the beat of change. And employees can focus on what they do best and remain compliant.

Ensuring happier customers for software providers

As a software and/or IT system provider, you can enjoy the benefits of extended solution functionality and make it easier for your customers to improve their existing solution.

Building stronger tools for business consultants

Business and process consultants get the opportunity to make business process modelling awesome. Collaborate with customers and co-create faster and deeper to create processes that welcome change. Now!

Feel the power of Dynamic Condition Response





Go from tons of data to actionable insights

Traditional analytic methods only compare overall process performance against KPIs. With DCR’s groundbreaking process mining you can uncover deep inconsistencies as well as hidden inefficiencies – and fix things on the spot.

Your digital journey starts with DCR