Deep roots in the academic community

DCR Solutions started as a science research project at the Danish IT University in 2011. The company was developed as a part of Exformatics but became a separate entity in 2018.

DCR Solutions is revolutionising the Business Process Management market by helping companies in heavily regulated industries digitize their processes, ensuring higher compliance and transparency while saving employees time and company costs.

How? By providing a cloud-based no-code SaaS solution, a new approach to process digitalization and process mining that guarantees automatic compliance. DCR Solutions fully digitises and continuously improves complex real-life processes.

The DCR Team

Founder & CEO

Morten Marquard

Morten is one of the main architects of the DCR technology, with more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Morten oversees the overall management and is highly involved in developing DCR as a technology. Morten has a strong track record of building profitable IT companies.


Søren Debois

One of the original researchers of both the mathematics and the code behind the DCR technology, Søren is playing a key role in the development of DCR as a technology, and DCR’s product suite. Søren was previously teaching DCR at the IT University of Copenhagen

Professor at the University of Copenhagen

Thomas Hildebrandt

Thomas initiated the research behind the DCR technology more than 10 years ago. With his research groups, he has since then been a major research force contributing to the development of the DCR technology. He is still closely involved in the ongoing development of DCR through his research projects and member of the Board.

COO (interim CFO)


As COO, Jesper is responsible for DCR’s overall strategy including the go-to-market strategy and business development activities. Former management consultant at Implement Consulting Group with extensive experience within strategy and M&A. Jesper holds an M.Sc. Finance and Strategic Management from CBS.

Sales & Partnerships


Mark is responsible for developing new commercial and strategic partnerships in Denmark and internationally to accelerate DCR’s growth journey. With solid experience in complex SaaS b2b sales (+5 years) from Intranote and Lime Technologies, Mark is dedicated to helping our customers succeed.

Process & AI Specialist


With more than 4 years of experience with DCR solutions, his key focus is to develop DCR as a technology. Rasmus covers a wide array of DCR-related responsibilities, including data science, teaching, pre-sales, and more.

R&D – Postdoc researcher


An industrial researcher with more than 11 years of experience in industrial and academic environments. As an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the IT University in Copenhagen, he researches Business Process and Case Management technologies and their compliance. Hugo has been a part of DCR since the beginning of the company.

R&D – Postdoc researcher


A theoretical computer scientist with 8+ years of experience in the field of BPM and DCR. Håkon has been involved in DCR throughout his professional career.

IT Student worker

Oliver Scharling Pedersen

Currently studying Computer Science MSc at the IT-University of Copenhagen. Oliver is a part of the development team where he solves various tasks to maintain and develop the DCR technology.

IT Student worker

Michelle Karlsson

Currently studying Computer Science MSc at the IT-University of Copenhagen. Michelle is a part of the development team where she solves various tasks to maintain and develop the DCR technology .

Marketing Student Worker

Alba Garriga Sanz

Currently studying International Business at the University of Barcelona. Alba is in charge of developing and implementing the marketing strategy of DCR technology.

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