We strongly believe that the awareness and development of DCR is best achieved by cooperating with other companies and organisations. By combining the resources and competencies of our allied our work with DCR will improve, and ensure, that several other companies will benefit from the technology also. DCR Solutions cooperate with several different DCR Alliances. These allied, like ourselves, find the DCR technology revolutionary and wish to make the most of the many benefits which the technology has to offer, to other companies. 

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Development partner, are special partners, who previously/currently take part in the invention and development of the DCR technology.

Strategic partner, are partners who have incorporated DCR technology into their own application(s), for example case management solutions. In addition, strategic partners also sell DCR as part of their own software solution. 

Academic Alliance, consists of allied who lecture at universities and educate in the DCR technology, and thereby contribute by explaining how the technology works and is used.

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Consultancy partner, consists of partners who are DCR certified, and thereby use DCR to carry out consultant services and advising within BPM and/or offer training and courses in DCR technology, to both businesses and organisations.