July 12, 2021


DCR Solutions is revolutionizing the BPM market

The business process management (BPM) market is growing rapidly. However, there are no current solutions that can handle core processes in regulated sectors such as healthcare, the public sector and finance & insurance. DCR’s ambition is to solve this problem with its groundbreaking approach to process digitization and process mining. DCR has already created great value for a large number of Danish customers.


Business Process Management can simply be defined as “any combination of modeling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of business activity flows”. BPM is usually translated into swimlane charts – a pre-designed sequence of activities that include a range of tasks that employees must solve. 

Over the past 20-30 years, BPM software has created tremendous efficiency improvements across a wide range of sectors. Especially manufacturing, where processes are often simple, has benefited from process support from BPM tools. Likewise, most other industries have been able to digitize administrative processes such as HR, payroll, and other simple processes. Today’s BPM market has grown to be worth more than 8 billion USD per year – and is expected to exceed 14 billion USD within the coming years. 



However, it has been more difficult to digitize complex processes, such as core processes in healthcare, the public sector, finance & insurance, etc., all of which are complex, partly because they all are subject to strict and ever-changing legislation. The reason is that the legislation makes it difficult to design one process that considers all conditions and aspects. The result is often static and simplified processes, which are expensive to design and implement and do not match the daily challenges employees face.  

DCR Solutions ambition is to solve this problem. DCR’s process engine makes it possible to digitize even the most complex areas, as DCR’s approach is based on the digitization of the set of rules itself (e.g. a SOP) rather than digitizing one defined process that complies with the set of rules. This means that employees can achieve much greater flexibility, as they are not forced to complete their tasks in a predefined order – they can complete any tasks that comply with the rules at any given time. The set of rules is highlighted visually – easily and quickly (see picture below). 



At the same time, DCR’s process engine makes it possible to visualize the processes in a dashboard, so that you can get an unambiguous overview of the causes of friction or inefficiency. This is called process mining and is a newer, related market that is likely to merge with the BPM market in the coming years. 



DCR’s long-term ambition is to revolutionize the BPM market with a scientifically based new approach to process digitization and process mining. DCR’s current customer portfolio includes several Danish universities, state agencies and municipalities, and private companies within healthcare and pensions.