June 28, 2021


Digitize your SOP with DCR Solutions

With DCR Solutions digital SOPs, you can create a 100% link between SOP and workflow. Digital SOPs support your work process and show only the tasks or decisions that are relevant to the employee. In this way, you can ensure compliance with the law and easily adapt the SOP when the law changes.

DCR Solutions is revolutionizing the BPM market – with solutions that handle core processes in regulated sectors, such as health/pharma, finance/insurance, etc.

Expensive to deal with SOPs due to increasing regulatory pressure

Over the past decade, a large number of sectors have experienced that compliance requirements have increased significantly. A frequently mentioned example is the financial sector, which with AML and KYC requirements has had to multiply their compliance staff – and even ordinary employees use unspeakable resources to comply with the law. Likewise, other sectors, e.g. the pharma sector has also experienced more strict requirements – with increasing documentation burden and rising costs as a result.

Despite the increasing demands, it remains difficult to find IT solutions that can handle the complexity of digitizing core processes in these industries. The solution is often oversimplified – one chooses one particular workflow that employees are forced to follow – formulated in analog SOPs in PDF documents. Some companies go a step further and digitize this simple workflow – but with a rigid system as a consequence.


Challenges with the SOPs

Some of the challenges that we often encounter with the SOPs are:

  • The SOPs are not read by the relevant employees
  • It is difficult to understand the content of the SOPs
  • It is difficult to document that you have followed the SOPs (and the legislation)
  • It is expensive to write the SOPs
  • It is expensive to maintain and keep track of the SOPs
  • Employees use yellow post-its and home-knit systems because the SOPs are not adequate
  • Compliance employees and the business do not speak the same language
  • The SOPs contradict each other


The DCR SOPs’ value proposition is higher efficiency, better quality and faster implementation of the SOPs

DCR Solutions’ solution to this problem is the result of 10 years of research from ITU and KU – and some of the sharpest minds in the Business Process Management and Process mining industry.

In short, DCR SOPs ensure a number of benefits, including:

  • 0 analog SOPs – with major efficiency improvements as a result
  • 2 x quality improvement in workflows
  • 7 x faster implementation than other IT solutions – changes are implemented and reflected in the IT system in one afternoon


The solution is simple and easy to implement

DCR Solutions’ solution is based on three main steps, which together provide a true digital SOP:

  1. The SOP text is highlighted – almost like a digital highlighter
  2. DCR Graphs extracts the SOP – a research-based and user-friendly way to extract rules without any code-development
  3. Tasks and decisions are shown in the IT system – either in a browser-based solution or integrated in an existing core system

The markup and the DCR Graphs would look like this. It may look advanced, but employees with domain knowledge can create these graphs faster than a regular SOP can be written after a 3-day course in the tool.


Get in touch to learn more

The DCR SOPs are the next generation of digital SOPs – an integrable infrastructure that is fundamentally a rethinking of the analog SOP.

If you are interested in hearing more or starting a proof-of-concept project in your company with one of your SOPs, you are very welcome to reach out.

DCR’s current customer portfolio includes several Danish universities, governmental agencies and municipalities as well as private companies within healthcare and pensions.

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Let's have a talk if you are interested in hearing more or starting a proof-of-concept project in your company with one of your SOPs, please feel free to contact me.