January 1, 2021


Let robots make the model

Can we use robots to develop models and IT systems?

That may sound too good to be true, but 2nd generation AI can be used to analyze the large amounts of data found in many IT systems and create insights that can be translated into action that can be followed up on an ongoing basis.

DCR Solutions is revolutionizing the BPM market – with solutions that handle core processes in regulated sectors, such as health/pharma, finance/insurance, etc. 

At DCR we have the solution that uses artificial intelligence to configure robots to support and automate work among knowledge workers. It all takes place in the companies' own IT systems - but utilises DCR Solutions' groundbreaking 2nd-generation AI software DCR Process Discovery.

The actual situation

Lawyers, caseworkers and other knowledge employees who work in an agency, municipality or company work to refine knowledge. This could, for example, be the handling of a building application, the handling of a notification in accordance with Chapter 27 of the Service Act or ensuring that KYC and other compliance rules are handled correctly in connection with loans to a new customer. Common to this work is that it consists of a number of tasks performed by the same or different people and robots, internally as well as externally, in an order that ends with the work being completed, all towards the same goal.
Employees are trained and companies prepare guidelines for how to handle different situations correctly. This is often in the form of guides that can be found in the companies' quality systems or their intranets.

Use robots to gain insight into data

Now, imagine that a robot can listen to the stream of data that the digital work leaves in the computer and analyze how the work takes place. If some work is more efficient than others, there is probably a pattern in the work that increases the likelihood of success and is more efficient.
The good and effective patterns can be described and subsequently communicated back to the employees when they are doing their work and in this way nudge all employees to become more efficient and successful.
In this way, robots have become part of the staff, which continuously helps to find out what works better than anything else, and communicates this to the employees so that they 'become more efficient and successful'.
At DCR, we have developed robots that can analyze data and transform it into digital guides, models that ensure efficiency, compliance and success.

The DCR Process Discovery robot is ready to help you

DCR Process Discovery is a robot, an AI algorithm, which analyzes data from the computer and finds relevant activities and business rules, a digital DCR model of how the work takes place.
All that is required to get started is an account on our portal. If you have a log from your IT system, you can import and analyze it. If you do not have a log, you can create examples of how the work takes place.

"DCR is in the process of revolutionizing the market for Business Process Management and related fields with a scientifically based radically different approach to digitization of processes and process mining."

Founder and CEO of DCR Solutions

Morten Marquard

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