November 25, 2021


Life Science industry calls for Process Digitalization

Life Science is an industry that dedicates itself to the greatest good: our lives.

Every day, the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare segments face growing regulation requirements, which slow down their main business focus. It’s about time we bring a solution to this sector that cares for us.

DCR Solutions is revolutionizing the BPM market – with solutions that handle core processes in regulated sectors, such as LifeScience and Healthcare, Financial and Banking, Pension and Insurance, etc.

Life Science market size is estimated at USD 105.5 billion in 2021 and it is expected to keep being on the rise for the next years. Applying process intelligence to optimize and improve business processes in this industry is something everyone should be working on

The challenge

All the different sectors of the industry must abide by strict compliance rules and regulations, which are constantly being updated because of safety and other reasons. Thus, writing and enforcing effective standard operating procedures (SOPs) is a challenge they often have to deal with. SOPs must be well structured, current, reviewed and approved in a defined workflow, and when changed they must show traceability and documentation.

To handle this need, life sciences companies must come up with new methods and initiatives to keep up, and this is a real challenge. How do you guarantee compliance while not forcing your operations into rigid workflow?


The solution

The DCR method provides a completely new approach to process modelling, ending the conflict between providing both flexibility and compliance in one model. We have built the DCR SOP application to deliver this method into life science companies, allowing them digitize their existing SOPs and create a digital link between the SOP and the actual work execution.

In short, employees will only see a task and decision list, instead of an exhaustive SOP text in long PDF documents, saving them time and costs, while ensuring compliance and quality of documentation and process execution