BPM 2023 Conference in Utrecht The Nederlands

Sponsor of BPM 2023

DCR Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of the 21st International Conference on Business Process Management in Utrecht The Nederlands.

Declarative process mining is explainable AI

DCR Process Mining

Uncover hidden knowledge in your data.

Process mining is the task of visualizing and analyzing the processes as they actually are based on the data existing in the organization. Insights gained from process mining can be of significant advantage to the organization. The quality of process mining results depends on two elements, the quality and quantity of available data, and the method and technology used to analyze this data.

The mining method used by DCR utilizes the same declarative rule-based method known from DCR process modelling, but with mining you don’t create the rules and condition, you uncover them. The results produced by DCRs declarative process mining approach have been internationally noticed. In 2021 DCR receiving the award for best process discovery algorithm, at the international ICPM process mining conference, and receive an honorable mention in the first ever Magic quadrant report for process mining, published by Gartner in 2022.

With the method and technology in place, the next necessary ingredient is data quality. The DCR mining engine can analyze any data created by the DCR process digitization engine, and also preconfigured to receive and analyze data from a list of standard system connectors, built by DCR.

The DCR process mining engine is fully capable of analyzing data without use of a standard connector, given that the right compilation, volume and quality of data is available. With this qualified any process mining initiative can move forward to analysis.

Declarative process mining provides more flexible and effective business processes

DCR Process Modelling

At the core of all solutions created with DCR is declarative process modeling.

DCR declarative process modeling which represents a new and groundbreaking way to handle knowledge driven business processes. The method is a flexible approach that stands in contrast to the traditional and more industrial approach of process modeling. The difference is that DCR is rule based modeling, and only the rules limit and govern the process flow. There are no set process flows.

This approach brings with it a number of benefits:

  • Legal Text Model
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Compliance
  • Scalability
  • No Code

Digitalize your processes today!

DCR Flow

DCR Flow – The knowledge workers process GPS.

DCR Flow is an advanced process management application, optimized to implement and execute business processes models created with the DCR designer.

The application focuses on orchestrating and guiding the business process from its launch to conclusion, helping all the different stakeholders to efficiently execute their part of the process.

Place in the IT landscape

With its exclusive focus on the business process, the DCR Flow application is designed to work alongside and assist the existing IT systems and infrastructure already present and running in the organization. DCR Flow acts like a GPS taking care of the dynamic process navigation, while the existing IT systems remain the workspace for the specific activities. Integrations between DCR Flow and the IT systems can, where relevant, also allow the DCR model to automate the execution of selected parts of the business process.