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June 1, 2020


Aarhus Municipality incorporates process modelling tools in their ESDH system

To be able to phase out the subject system KMD Case and avoid developing a new, separate subject system to handle their reimbursement cases, Aarhus Municipality chose to integrate the process modelling tool DCR in their ESDH system. Until the integration is complete, the municipality uses the DCR tool in a separate user interface and appreciates that it has become so easy to change the processes, as every time there is a change in the law means that paragraphs in the reimbursement cases must be adjusted. In this way, Aarhus Municipality saves significant programming costs and at the same time ensures that the high-quality standard is maintained. In general, Aarhus Municipality perceives DCR as a unique solution for managing and improving work processes and sees many more application options that can make life easier in the municipality.

For several years, Aarhus Municipality had used the professional system KMD Sag for case processing of their reimbursement cases, i.e. transfers of money to and from other municipalities for citizens who use services in municipalities other than where they live. However, the system had to be phased out, and this posed a greater challenge for the municipality.  

"With DCR, new opportunities are opened up. It is so easy to configure new forms or questionnaires with the DCR tool, and we can now add fields to the questionnaire that we could not before, I.e., when the legislation is changed and there are new paragraphs that we need, before, we had to order a programmer when we needed to change something in KMD Case. It is a huge help, as the reimbursement area is very law-abiding, and many important legislative changes are coming on an ongoing basis"

Responsible for KMD Nova's ESDH system in Aarhus Municipality

Mette Ernstsen

"By integrating the process modelling tool from DCR Solutions into KMD Nova's ESDH system, our users would get exactly the functionality they had been used to from KMD Case and more. The integration itself could be performed completely without programming, because KMD Nova ESDH was already DCR-supported - that is, prepared for configuring digital business processes and workflows directly in the system. And last but not least, our users could be content with using one system for case processing of reimbursement cases"

Responsible for KMD Nova's ESDH system in Aarhus Municipality

Mette Ernstsen

Could not handle refund cases

The municipality needed to phase out KMD Case as soon as possible, but it would be a time-consuming and costly task to build a new subject system from scratch or buy a brand new ESDH system - something that the municipality had neither the time nor the money for. According to Mette Ernstsen, it was therefore an easy decision when she via KMD Nova became aware of DCR Solutions and experienced that their simple process modelling tool was the only satisfactory solution that could fully meet the municipality's needs.

Built-in DCR in the ESDH system

Aarhus Municipality has not had to wait long to use the functionality from DCR. While KMD Nova is working on integrating DCR into its ESDH system, DCR Solutions has in a short time put together a temporary solution for the municipality. Mette Ernstsen says: “We are very pleased that we have been able to get started quickly with using DCR in the same way as it will happen in the ESDH system. The only difference is that users are currently working in DCR Solutions' so-called Open Case Manager (OCM) program, which acts as a separate mini-system, and they must therefore remember to switch to the mini-system and answer the questionnaire each time they finish, a reimbursement assignment, in the same way as was the case in KMD Case”

Saves programming in case of law changes

Mette Ernstsen also mentioned that DCR tool is easy to use and that has many more uses.
For users who were used to working with KMD Case, using DCR was an easy and painless process. Also, according to her own statement, Mette Ernstsen is extremely enthusiastic about DCR, and she experiences that the management shares her enthusiasm and sees many more application possibilities for DCR in the municipality in the future - "It is a wildly exciting tool that provides some unique opportunities to manage and improve our processes. For example, we can use it to make shortcuts in workflows that would otherwise be unnecessarily heavy. We can remove tasks that are not absolutely necessary, make them easier to work with and also ensure that we perform them correctly. In other words, there are many opportunities to use DCR to make life easier in Aarhus Municipality, in the same way as we use virtual robots to facilitate our case management tasks"

"Our approximately 50 users, who mainly sit in finance and controller functions, quickly got used to using DCR instead of KMD Sag. It is easy and fast - and the introduction to DCR only took a few hours because the tool is so intuitive and flexible to work with. It is also a huge advantage that you can make changes to the processes in DCR without having to start all over again every time, and for our state refunds, where there are many more options, we benefit extra from the users being guided through the questionnaire and presented in the different fields, depending on the type of case they are working on."

Responsible for KMD Nova's ESDH system in Aarhus Municipality

Mette Ernstsen