case - KMD Nova

September 21, 2020


Flexible management of processes gives new life to ESDH in a larger Danish municipality

The municipality is in full swing with a comprehensive digitalisation and wants to promote citizenship, co-creation, growth and efficiency.

"The solution of integrating process modeling directly into case management has proven to be a good idea. Both in terms of quality and resources."

Kommune i Danmark

System Manager

"I know that several other ESDH vendors are also working to enable integration with DCR's process control."

Kommune i Danmark

System Manager

In a transition period between two main systems, process modeling with DCR is the direct path to increased functionality for about 250 users.

The ESDH system lacked features

The municipality's new ESDH system KMD Nova did not give users the same opportunities as the old KMD case, which was used to handle different types of reimbursement cases. The problem arose because the users of the new system did not have the same control over key information such as dates, legal clauses, and financial rates.

Until the functionality of KMD Nova is set correctly, it is crucial for the quality and citizen service that the caseworkers have the necessary tools to work with. Therefore, it was imperative to find a dynamic, creative, and resource-efficient alternative.

Flexible process management is about money

With DCR, the municipality has gained the systematical flexibility that is crucial to be able to provide high-quality case processing. In the end, it helps to ensure that the municipality can get the money it needs from both the state and from home municipalities, whose citizens receive services or services from the municipality.

With the process modeling tool, users have opened their eyes to how DCR can be used to give extra life to their existing systems.

Flexible processes ensure efficient case processing

The municipality has developers who build software robots that can perform specially designed, simple, repetitive processes. Such as collecting data from different systems. This means that caseworkers do not have to spend time on it but can focus on the work they are trained for.

Similarly, the DCR ESDH system adds some much-needed functionalities. By integrating process modeling into the daily case processing, users have been given the opportunity to better ensure quality and legal certainty in handling cases of state and inter-municipal reimbursement.