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April 11, 2019


Increased quality and happier caseworkers in Syddjurs Municipality

The quality of municipal case processing must be raised at the same time as the processes must be streamlined. The challenge is well known, the solution is new.

"I can model an entire work process, including all detours and dependencies, in collaboration with the caseworkers in less than 5 hours. That at the same time it is also easy for non-IT savvy to make changes makes DCR a great advantage in everyday life"

Sekretariatsmedarbejder, Syddjurs Kommune

Nicklas Pape Healy

"With DCR, we have given caseworkers a kind of advanced, digital to-do list that constantly adapts to the choices they make. This ensures a dynamic process where caseworkers can do what they do best"

Sekretariatsmedarbejder, Syddjurs Kommune

Nicklas Pape Healy

Syddjurs Municipality is located in the Central Jutland Region and has approx. 3200 permanent employees. The municipality has achieved frontrunner status in the field of digitalisation in the public sector in both the development and operational areas.

Faster and better case processing, thanks

As in many other municipalities, everyday life in the Social and Family Sekretariatsmedarbejder is characterized by complex workflows and a large amount of laws and regulations that must be complied with. It requires resources, insight, and experience to help vulnerable children and adults, and therefore time with the citizens is crucial for the quality of the service provided.

Unfortunately, the reality is that much of the case management work takes place on the screen. Documentation, registration and contact with other government agencies end up with not very close contact with citizens. And when the processes then need to be streamlined, it ends up having costs for the people who have to perform them.

Big savings and more time with the citizens

DCR's role as a virtual companion for the caseworkers in Syddjurs Municipality has provided a new overview of laws and regulations that the individual employee can not possibly have on their own.

In the future, everyone will be guided every step of the way in the case processing process, so that it will be easier to make the right decisions and ensure compliance with the law. And easier to communicate and improve the workflows continuously with the caseworkers. Without having to pay for new code when a law or process changes.

From homemade memos to dynamic case management

Traditionally, flow charts or analog descriptions have been the only way to describe complex workflows. But that method has distinct shortcomings, because the diagrams are often too inflexible - and you always end up describing only one specific path you can take in case processing.

In order to be able to describe and model work processes as they look in reality, DCR's intuitive solution is a small revolution at City Hall, where you can now take the different steps in a work process in different order - and in different ways. DCR makes it easy to see if all processes are law-abiding and easy to simulate processes in a realistic way.