Countless companies worldwide have already integrated DCR into their IT-system.
In addition to this site, you can read about some of the experiences which companies have expressed in regards to their use of DCR, and get a better understanding of why they chose DCR Solutions to begin with, how they use it and how it has positively affected their work processes.

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DCR handles legal compliance

The case workers are given more time with the citizens and at the same time ensure a more systematic and correct application of the legislation by using DCR. In addition, great savings are made possible because there is no need to recode the IT system every time a law or a process changes.

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DCR Empowers KMD NOVA with agile process support

Building DCR into their case management system makes it possible for KMD Nova to increase the value of the system, while making it easier to digitize the municipalities’ work processes.

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Simplifying the digitalization of complex processes

Syddjurs Municipality is one of the municipalities, which are often mentioned when talking about the digital heavyweights. Digitization has increasingly become an integral part of the way the municipality performs tasks. With the introduction of DCR Solutions, the municipality now has a tool that will seriously accelerate the digitization.

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10x reduction of development cost

With a new, ground-breaking technology, KMD seeks to replace the previous workflows which are both inflexible and rigid. On paper, former workflows seem to be a sensible solution, though in reality, they function rather poorly. KMD has incorporated Exformatics’ Dynamic Condition Response, DCR, technology into its ESDH-system, KMD WorkZone (...)

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Ensuring GDPR Compliance

On a yearly basis, Dreyers Fond receives roughly 1.200 applications and as of such, deals with large amounts of person sensitive data. It is therefore of upmost importance, that the foundation is properly equipped in regards to intercepting the rules of the upcoming EU Data Protection Act, which will take in to affect the 28th May 2018.

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In connection with the launch of its new core system, Cura, Aalborg Municipality has introduced a complete process optimization solution from Infoventure and DCR Solutions. The outcome is a successful implementation of Cura by making the employees able to work according to the new work processes.

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“The public sector is in need of systems which are capable of continuously adjusting themselves, in relation to new rules and laws that affect work procedure. Otherwise the systems can quickly become a hindrance rather than a means of support. With DCR-technology, we’re provided with a system which makes it easy to fulfil the knowledge worker’s desire of flexibility. Furthermore, we can help by ensuring that they’re always able to live up to any changes in legislation- and compliance requirements, which come from the public sector. And it was also the flexibility which was one of the decisive factors regarding the choice of DCR Solution”
Jakob Brix, head of product management and development for KMD Workzone

Dreyers Fond

“We at Dreyers Fond are very happy, that back in 2013, we decided to replace our work procedure with an entirely digital solution, in regards to the many applications that we receive. Our application solution now functions 100% digitally, which has assisted in making the case consideration much faster and easier. We’re entirely satisfied with our collaboration with Exformatics, they’re always there, when we need them”
Patricia de Moor, foundations administrator