Dreyers Fond

Innovative DCR technology which ensures the compliance of the EU Data Protection Act

On a yearly basis, Dreyers Fond receives roughly 1.200 applications and as of such, deals with large amounts of person sensitive data. It is therefore of upmost importance, that the foundation is properly equipped in regards to intercepting the rules of the upcoming EU Data Protection Act, which will take in to affect the 28th May 2018. The EU Data Protection Act contains several, stringent requirements, which must be incorporated into the day-to-day activities of Dreyers Fond to prevent sanctions of any kind. Exformatics has therefore further developed their pre-existing ECM foundation solution, and ensured, that the systems work-procedures meet these new requirements.

Proof of documentation-requirement

Already back in 2013, Dreyers Fond implemented the “Exformatics ECM foundation” solution, which lead to their work procedure becoming entirely digital. As a result, Exformatics was able to enhance the pre-existing system, and by working towards the upcoming Data Protection Act, were able to adjust some of the previously existing workflows. Subsequently, Exformatics ensured the upcoming requirements would be met. By doing so, Exformatics had two main areas which were prioritized highly: The first crucial element was to document the companies work procedure and dataflow, which primarily consisted of adjusting pre-existing descriptions, thus enabling them to be used as documentation later on.

”We at Dreyers Fond are very happy, that back in 2013, we decided to replace our work procedure with an entirely digital solution, in regards to the many applications that we receive. Our application solution now functions 100% digitally, which has assisted in making the case consideration much faster and easier. We’re entirely satisfied with our collaboration with Exformatics, they’re always there, when we need them.”

Patricia De Moor, Foundations administrator, Dreyers Fond.

The second main area of focus, in regards to the upcoming requirements, was to ensure that the data be deleted or anonymized. For this particular reason, Exformatics developed a new module for the ECM foundation, General Data Protection Regulation Module (GDPR), which takes care of this process; data is deleted or anonymized automatically. By focusing on these two areas in particular; documentation of work procedure/dataflow and data-process handling, the management could present sufficient proof that the requirements were met.


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Facts about Dreyers Fond

Dreyers Fond was established in 1976 and provides support for initiatives and projects, which have the purpose of promoting the lawyer- and architect profession and interaction with society. Their main areas of priority are: industry support, supplementary education and procurement. On a yearly basis, the foundation dispenses the equivalent to 20 million Danish kroner.

Work procedure documentation by use of DCR-graphs

By concentrating on the first area of focus, “documentation”, Exformatics made use of their innovative and flexible IT-tool; Dynamic Condition Response graph (DCR graph). DCR is specifically designed to document and digitalise the companies work procedure and data-flow. Furthermore, DCR makes it particularly easy to maintain work procedures in the business application, for example, in the event of changes in legislation or general changes in work procedure. The Exformatics ECM foundation solution supports DCR graphs, meaning that changes in procedure, made in DCR, can immediately be implemented into the ECM foundation. For this reason, additional code or support from IT-experts is no longer necessary, in order to change system processes.

Facts Regarding Further Development

In 2016, Exformatics began further developing the ECM solution for Dreyers Fond. The final system-adjustments are expected to be implemented by the first half of 2017. This gives Dreyers Fond plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the new legislation requirements regarding IT, before the EU Data Protection Act takes effect the 28th May 2018.

BPM Award Finalist

In 2016, Dreyers Fond and Exformatics were among the finalists for the ’Business Process Management Awards’ (BPM Award), honoured for the digitalization of Dreyers Fond - by using DCR process notation.