From pioneering research to commercial solution

DCR Solutions is an innovative Danish IT company with ambitions and a strong will to revolutionize the world market for digitalization of knowledge work and set a completely new standard with our research-based IT solution called DCR. Our company is based on a close and long-term research collaboration between the IT University in Copenhagen, Copenhagen University, Technical University Denmark as well as universities abroard.
  • 2011:

    The pioneering research began
    The research collaboration was initiated based on a joint mission to find a better way to support and digitize complex processes, thus covering a highly-needed market demand.

    DCR was built
    While the IT University's Department of Research in Process and System Modeling under the leadership of Professor Thomas Hildebrandt researched agile digitization and process models, Exformatics built DCR based on their research and the company's own practical experience from delivering case management solutions to Danish companies since 2003.

  • 2014:

    The free version was launched internationally
    DCR was ready to launch on the global market in a free version, and several hundred private and public companies and organizations spread across six continents have since provided valuable input for the further development of the solution.

  • 2106:

    Global recognition
    We received a global recognition from the International Organization "Workflow Management Coalition" for our work with new groundbreaking technologies within process and workflow management. It happened when we achieved a place in the finals for the BPM2016 Award in front of hundreds of international players, such as IBM.

  • 2017:

    Ready with a commercial version
    As a result of further research and development, DCR entered the market with a commercial version and during the year, DCR Solutions signed important cooperation agreements with leading partners on the Danish market in digitizing business processes. At the same time we got our first customers.

    Danish recognition
    DCR's basic technology became part of the EcoKnow project, which received 16 million Danish kroner from the Innovation Fund to research how to develop digital solutions, among others based on artificial intelligence.
    DCR gained further recognition in Denmark, as it became part of the curriculum in the IT and Business Process Modeling field at the IT University and other similar universities.

  • 2018:

    DCR Solutions was founded
    The DCR technology and the developmental as well as commercial activities were separated from Exformatics and transferred into an independent company called DCR Solutions. The aim was to concentrate 100 percent on spreading the groundbreaking DCR solution on the global market at the same time significantly increasing the research activities and the further development of the solution.

DCR Solutions today

DCR Solutions is formally a newly established company, but in practice we have an experienced organization, which builds on the already existing academic environment and the innovative corporate culture of Exformatics. We strive to be among the world's leading and most knowledgeable within our field and we want to explore and provide our best as a natural result of our innovative foundation and high ambitions. We are also very committed both in our product development and our desire to understand what we can do for you as a customer and how we can solve your challenges.

The organization behind DCR

DCR Solutions is owned and managed by Morten Marquard, while Carsten Højerup is Sales and Marketing Director in charge of the commercial part. In addition, the company’s organization includes the traditional support functions and an R & D department, which is also associated with the IT University and the EcoKnow project. Last but not least, we take advantage of the cutting edge expertise from several significant resources from the research community, who are also cooperating closely with DCR Solutions.

Morten Maquard, CEO & CTO

Morten is in charge of the overall management of DCR Solutions and for the technical and developmental part of the company. In addition, he is one of the main architects of the DCR solution. He has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, where he has worked with consulting, development and delivery of business systems in Denmark and internationally, in companies such as Accenture and CommerceOne. In 2003, Morten founded Exformatics and worked with digitalization and digital business process support. In 2018 Exformatics was solved and Morten founded DCR Solutions.

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Carsten Højerup, Sales & Marketing Director

Carsten is responsible for the commercial part of DCR Solutions including sales, marketing and business development. With more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry holding commercial leadership positions in both multinational companies and young start-ups, he has achieved the best possible experiences from both worlds. Both with regards to direct sales, partner sales, marketing and business development, and he has also gained profound knowledge of strategic planning and operational implementation of growth strategies in an international perspective. Recently, Carsten has been employed as Director at EMC, COO & Director at CodeSealer and Sales & Marketing Director at Coromatic Group.

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R & D

The activities in R & D are managed by Morten Marquard, who is also CEO of DCR Solutions. The department carries out in-depth research, often in close collaboration with leading personalities from the academic environment, and determined product development by our permanent development team, who has been with us for a number of years. In addition, the department includes a postdoctoral researcher who is also associated with the IT University and the EcoKnow project.

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Thomas Hildebrandt, Professor at the University of Copenhagen

Thomas, together with his Department of Research in Process and System Modeling, has been one of the strong research forces behind the development of DCR. He is still closely involved in the ongoing development of DCR, among other things, through his management of the EcoKnow project.

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Søren Debois, Associate Professor at IT University in Copenhagen

Søren is involved in the operational development of DCR, as well as being responsible for part of the development process in the EcoKnow project. Søren has been behind several academic articles about DCR. In addition, Søren teaches DCR at the IT University.

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Further DCR research through the EcoKnow project

The EcoKnow project was founded in 2017, where it was allocated 16 million Danish kroner from the Innovation Fund to research how to develop digital solutions for example based on artificial intelligence, where changes to the law can be integrated more easily and where knowledge workers can exploit the large amounts of data from previous cases. In real life, it means reading patterns in data from thousands of cases and on the basis of the good and bad experiences from this, make recommendations and guide the  individual knowledge workers on the further course of action. This important research will be used continuously to further develop DCR and make it even more unique in its ability to support the complex workday of the knowledge workers.

The EcoKnow project is not only supported by researchers from the IT University but also by 16 foresighted companies and organizations, including Syddjurs Kummune, Københavns Kommune, Globeteam and KMD.

Customer and research-based product development

DCR Solutions’ product development is not only based on a close research collaboration with the IT University in Copenhagen and their Department of Research in Process and System Modeling under the direction of Professor Thomas Hildebrandt. It also includes a close involvement of customers and partners in order to ensure that our final solution matches market demand and needs. We have very good experiences with this combination of academic research and close customer collaboration as it both results in a very thorough and well-documented development work, as well as complete solutions that meet the needs of customers very accurately. In addition, the dedicated academic research provides a unique opportunity to achieve truly large quantum leaps in the product development.

International recognition

Growing interest from abroad

We are experiencing a considerable need for DCR and the research behind our IT solution not only in Denmark but also abroad. We see it in terms of a significant - and steadily increasing - interest from foreign actors and companies wishing to get in touch with us about concrete projects. In addition, the team behind the development of DCR has published several research-based articles over the years and this has resulted in several invitations to talk about DCR in various professional forums and business contexts.

Finalist for the BPM2016 Award
In 2016, we received a global recognition from the International Organization "Workflow Management Coalition" for our work with new groundbreaking technologies in process and workflow management. It happened when we achieved a final place for the BPM2016 Award among hundreds of international players, including IBM.

Strong expectations and visions

DCR to become an international market standard

"Our vision for DCR Solutions is great, both in terms of company growth and the spread of the DCR solution on the world market. It is our long-term goal to make DCR a recognized, widely used method of digitizing work processes to such an extent that DCR will become a market standard at an international level."

Morten Marquard, CEO and founder of DCR Solutions

Agile adaptation

Thomas Hildebrandt Professor at the University of Copenhagen

Traditional digitalization of knowledge work, such as municipal case management, which is subject to complex rules and legislation, suffers from the fact that the developed systems cannot be adapted to changing legislation in an agile manner, and that knowledge workers are unable to adapt their work to the situation in an agile manner either. The vision for DCR is to be able to combine agile adaptation of rules with agile adaptation of workflows to ensure that the systems enable compliance and at the same time give freedom to the knowledge workers to adjust the workflow.