Morten Marquard

Morten Marquard is very experienced, he has a background with more than 25 years in the IT/ technology industry, and as of such, has a deep, technical understanding and business insight.

Morten has advised and collaborated with both public and private organizations and companies to solve complex business and IT challenges, which often involve the entire organization. He’s also been responsible for the implementation of a number of projects in close co-operation with the customer's organization, all of which were delivered on time and within budget.

Delivered solutions include ECM, CRM, project and portfolio management, Human Resource Management, quality management, contract management and process management. Morten has among other things, through his close cooperation with the IT University of Copenhagen, gained a deep knowledge of rule-based process models. The partnership has resulted in both the research behind and the development of the DCR Graph technology.

Morten's effort with the latest ground-breaking technologies in process and workflow management resulted, back in 2016, in becoming one of the finalists to the 'BPM 2016 Award' from the International Workflow Management Coalition. Furthermore, Morten has also co-authored a number of scientific articles about the DCR technology and is an esteemed speaker.