In a world driven by compliance

DCR equals instant relief

The DCR suite is designed, developed and built to help knowledge workers and their management as well as software providers and business process consultants.

Helping both knowledge workers and their management

If you're a knowledge worker (e.g. a case manager) or a knowledge worker manager (e.g. a process or system owner) in public organizations and regulated businesses, such as finance or pharma, you can now boost the value of your core IT systems with process intelligence tools that will run in no time.

Taking back control of digitalization and leaving the legacy of costly IT projects behind, you will be able to design, change, test, document, and validate dynamic processes in a matter of minutes. Literally.

Happier customers for software providers

As a software or IT system provider you can look forward to enjoying the benefits of extended solution functionality.

By integrating the revolutionizing DCR technology in your existing product, you add flexibility to your applications and make it easier for your customers to adapt and improve their core system to fit new challenges.

Stronger tools for business process consultants

Business consultants who do process re-engineering get a major toolkit update with the hands-on DCR technology that saves time and strengthens the existing portfolio of services and advisory.

You no longer need to rely on home-made systems of arrows and boxes but can look forward to designing real processes and real prototypes with real digital tools.


”Through the use of the DCR solution, we have gone from covering 50 % of the workflows to being able to cover almost 100 %. Besides, we can ensure full compliance according to rules and laws which gives us an extremely strong basis to show others what a digitalization project should be able to solve.”

Jon Badstue, Head of Digitization Department, Syddjurs Municipality