Find indicators of negative performance

DCR Indicators

With DCR Indicators, you can reduce massive amounts of data on your processes to a short list of things to fix as well as successful processes. DCR Indicators uses AI to mine your current process logs and find factors that cause process inefficiencies. Through the DCR Indicators dashboard, you can always see a top 10 list of process inefficiencies that you can use to take action in your organization. Also, you can see how successful processes have been performed. In essence, DCR Indicators is an intelligent X-ray machine for your processes that only shows you what to fix.

For existing users of process / case management systems

Identify key reasons behind process inefficiencies

Benefits of DCR Indicators

  • Reduce inefficiencies in your processes. For example, find key reasons for why your process are currently not leading to the desired results
  • Get access to actionable management information that can help you navigate processes and how people are actually performing their activities
  • Improve KPI monitoring. Essentially, the DCR Indicators can be used as KPIs—and management can easily track and follow up on desired outcomes and performance
  • Enhance understanding of what is really going on in your organization—and how to change it
  • Increase transparency of your processes through real-time visualization of your processes
  • Increase quality of your process runs by eliminating causes behind non-desired outcomes
  • Qualify good performance through an overview of well- performed processes. These can be used to qualify how processes are optimally performed

The complex made simple

DCR Indicators leverages the DCR Engine to create actionable intelligence automatically. In practice, it goes through three simple steps:

  • Extracting log data from current process management system
  • Cleaning and qualifying log data (using DCR’s process engine)
  • Summarizing top 10 indicators of bad process performance as well as other insights

The DCR Indicators can be delivered as a subscription with real-time data input from your core system and the ability to track over time how process performance changes—or a one-off analysis that can be used to spur initiatives that addresses process inefficiencies.





”Many software solutions that aim to digitize processes end up putting even more complexity into the process and the end-user’s work. With DCR, it’s the other way around. They cut straight to the bone of what is the essential requirements of a user-friendly and efficient digital process – and at the same time making it possible to digitalize processes fast and with great value.”

Michael Theill, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte

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