Digitize core processes

DCR Process Digitalization

Public organizations are haunted by constant change. With DCR Process digitalization, your processes will automatically ensure compliance, user-friendly interaction, automation and documentation. We cover your workflows and make sure that your IT supports legislation and adapts to the business—instead of the other way around. DCR can embed workflows into a range of IT systems, and more than 20 public and private organizations are using DCR’s digital processes today.

For case management systems

Digitize knowledge processes through NextGen process workflows

Benefits of DCR Digitalization

  • Increased compliance through more consistent processes and less manual errors
  • Decreased number of complaints from stakeholders outside of your organization
  • Improved case management and consistency in process instances
  • Increased management control and transparency of processes
  • Faster implementation than competing solutions (7+ times faster for municipal processes)
  • Faster implementation of changes. With DCR, you can change processes in an afternoon
  • Decrease maintenance costs of keeping processes up to date
  • Increase transparency in processes—each step is clearly marked in a digital model
  • Better risk detection from process- or compliance-related risks
  • Increased documentation as each step in the process is digitally recorded—with easy auditing
  • Faster onboarding of new employees, as digital models of processes are intuitive and new employees do not need to know all rules from the get-go

NextGen compliance

DCR Process Digitalization consists of the following:

  • The DCR Highlighter, which allows you to highlight your existing SOPs
  • The DCR Designer tool, which allows you to map up the highlighted text as a digital interpretation
  • The DCR Process Engine, which is embedded into your existing core system—it guides you through the digital process dynamically, directly in your own system interface

All of the processes are available through the DCR Portal, which provides you with a transparent overview of all processes.



“The unique feature of the DCR solution is that legislation and requirements can be digitized directly and maintained locally by domain experts using design and simulation tools. This avoids costly delays and errors that occur when legislation and requirements are implemented by IT developers, who do not understand the domain and daily practice.”

Thomas Hildebrandt, Professor, IT University of Copenhagen

Digitize your business process through NextGen process workflows