Mine and improve current processes

DCR Process Intelligence

DCR Process Intelligence is based on DCR’s AI-driven engine that can mine your current process logs. DCR Process Intelligence delivers a complete overview of your processes—who is doing what when, in a simple yet comprehensive set of overviews. It is an ideal way of identifying bottlenecks, find inefficiencies and pave the way for more streamlined core processes.

For existing users of process / case management systems

Get actionable intelligence from your current process logs

Benefits of DCR PI

  • Reduce inefficiencies in your processes. For example, find bottlenecks or improvement areas easily through simple process overviews
  • Get access to actionable management information that can help you navigate processes and how people are actually performing their activities
  • Improve KPI monitoring. Process overviews give management access to a new range of things to measure and monitor
  • Enhance understanding of what is really going on in your organization
  • Increase transparency of your processes through real-time visualization of your processes
  • Increase quality of your process runs by eliminating causes behind non-desired outcomes
  • Qualify good performance by singling out processes or process owners that are performing well
  • Reward good outcomes easier— with the right information, you can reward desired behavior much easier

NextGen process intelligence

DCR Process Intelligence leverages the DCR Engine to create simple process overviews from the most complex processes. The overviews consist of different elements:

  • Get a visual overview via the DCR Dashboard, which provides a complete overview of most common activity patterns
  • Zoom in on specific process instances to understand what happens. Also, you can zoom in on the fastest/slowest process instances
  • Find rule violations and enhance your understanding of why processes are not completed

The product is delivered as a subscription—and real-time data input from your core system enables you to always stay on top of your core processes.



“With DCR we now have a tool which provides a visual overview of our workflows and at the same time is very easy to update. In addition, our workflow descriptions can now be designed to reflect the natural way of working, where the order of the activities performed can vary greatly, as in the real world.”

Chief Consultant, Aalborg Municipality

Digitize your business process through NextGen process workflows