Digitize Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

DCR Process Guide (SOP)

With DCR Process Guide, you can create a digital version of your existing standard operating procedure (SOP) text, link it to an execution model that can generate a cloud-based SOP guide with one click.

Ultimately, your employees will only see a task and decision list—no one will need to spend hours reading irrelevant SOPs in long PDF documents. In essence, the DCR Process Guide eliminates the need for analogue SOPs.

For pharma, healthcare, banking and LegalTech companies

Digitize your Standard Operating Procedures through NextGen process workflows

Benefits of DCR Process Guide

  • Save time by reducing bottlenecks in SOP processes, you do not need to get legal involved as often, as the DCR Process Guide ensures legal compliance
  • Save implementation costs: business users can build a digital process guide in a matter of hours—not months or years. Without the need for expensive consultants
  • Increase compliance and quality of documentation, as the SOP ensures consistent processes—we can even map the SOP text all the way back to the regulation that governs it
  • Increase quality and consistency in process execution and decrease manual errors
  • Decrease maintenance costs of keeping SOPs updated
  • Increase transparency in SOP processes—each step is clearly marked in a digital model
  • Better risk detection from process- or compliance-related risks
  • Save costs of new IT systems: When you change the DCR Process Guide, the system instantly updates—you do not need new IT systems or month-long change management programs

NextGen compliance

The DCR SOP consists of 3 key elements:

  • The DCR Highlighter, to highlight your existing SOPs
  • The DCR Designer tool, to map up the highlighted text as a digital interpretation
  • A digital SOP, which instantly creates a cloud- based IT system that guides you through the SOP flexibly

All of your process guides are available through the DCR portal.

With DCR, you are also able to map up law texts and link these directly to SOP text and model— providing the “missing link” between SOPs and regulation—taking your compliance management to the next level






“In a second I can change a process in DCR e.g. when legislation changes, and within an hour the change is reflected in our IT-system. This means huge savings and that we can always adjust to changes e.g. in legislation or based on input from the daily users”

Nicklas Healy, Process owner, Syddjurs Municipality

Digitize your business process through NextGen process workflows