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DCR awarded best demo award at EDOC in Paris

October 30, 2019 Read more

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June 2, 2019 Read more

DCR for conformance checking

February 24 2019 Read more

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KMD and DCR demonstrate KMD Workzone with DCR

February 6 2019 Read more

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DCR is sponsor at the BPM 2019 Conference in Vienna

February 1, 2019 Read more


Not Your Grandfather's BPM

October 12 2018 Read more

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Introducing our new DCR partner

March 22, 2018  Read more


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DCR Solutions engaging in big research project

November 21, 2017 Read more


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DCR Solutions and KMD speech at the 2017 BPM Conference

September 1, 2017 Read more

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Come join us at Summit2017: Smart Society

August 22, 2017 Read more

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DCR is sponsor at the BPM 2017 Conference in Barcelona

June 20, 2017 Read more

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Key DCR Presentation on international conference in Spain

May 29, 2017 Read more

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Danish IT-company will revolutionize KMD’S case work

May 18, 2017 Read more

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KMD will improve the efficiency of government case management with a unique technology

May 2017 Read more

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Are you ready for the EU data protection act?

February 2, 2017 Read more

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Danish Software-technology can revolutionise process thinking

December 15 2016 Read more

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When was the last time you looked under the bonnet of your computer

October 5 2016 Read more

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Shared knowledge provides more value

April 1 2016 Read more

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Work Smarter - Not Harder

March 20, 2015 Read more

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(In)Effective case and document handling

April 2014 Read more