Are you ready for the EU data protection act?

The EU Data Protection Act will come into effect the 25th May 2018 and may have severe ramifications for those businesses, which do not have full control or documentation regarding personally sensitive data. It’s therefore already a particularly good idea to take in to consideration, how these changes in legislation will affect your business, and how to make sure that your properly equipped to meet these new, confined requirements, and thereby avoid any law violations.

Exformatics is waiting on standby, ready to help and advise you on how to minimize any risks, and to ensure that the new rules and regulations are soundly enforced.


There are several new initiatives in the upcoming EU Data Protection Act. One of the new law-requirements demand that the administration within any business, is able to prove that it is abiding the law. In other words, it is no longer sufficient to meet these requirements, it is now essential that these requirements also be proven by documentation. The new rules require, among other things, proof of how the data is being implemented into the business-process. Furthermore, documentation must be given explaining how the data exactly is being used, and thereby ensure that the data is solely used the correct purpose, and that the data be deleted/anonymized when no longer relevant or admissible.


Exformatics is one of the first, leading businesses which has, together with our client Dreyers Fond, worked directly towards intercepting the new requirements of the Data Protection Act. This means, that not only do we have a thorough understanding of how these changes in legislation will affect future companies, we also provide specific and practical experience in terms of developing plans and related IT-solutions, which will guarantee the compliance of the new laws to come.

The CEO from Exformatics, Morten Marquard, explains the work with Dreyers Fond as follows:

 “In regards to our work with Dreyers Fond our four main priorities have been:

  • To ensure that the processes be properly documented,
  • To ensure that the data be deleted when no longer admissible,
  • To deliver a module which deletes/anonymizes data, and
  • To ensure adequate documentation and thereby provide the management with proof of the above.

“The camera lawyer pointed out various aspects, which disserved special attention, the primary of which being documentation, which is why this has been prioritized very highly in our collaboration with Dreyers Fond.”


Exformatics is also ready to assist other companies with the upcoming EU Data Protecting Act. We offer our services through workshops and solutions, which among other things consist of:

  • Objective-focused descriptions of the business’ processes by using
  • Data-analysis of the companies: data, documents and emails.
  • Installation and setup of the ECM Data Protection Module.
  • Training

Feel free to join us at our “open arrangement” and find out more

The 9th March 2017

Exformatics will be hosting an “open arrangement” where we’ll be openly discussing our practical experiences, in particular our experiences gained from working together with Dreyers Fond, along with recommendations on how companies can avoid any issues, related to the new rules and regulations.

Among others, joining our arrangement will be associated Professor Thomas Hildebrandt from Copenhagen’s IT University. Thomas is among one of the founders and developers of the DCR-technology, which is an IT-tool, that can assist in the development of a dataflow analysis, which is particularly useful in ensuring that the rules and requirements of documentation are met.

The arrangement is free and open for both customers and anybody potentially interested.

For booking or more information, feel free to contact Ina Pilegaard on