June 16, 2023


Workshop with talented CBS Executive MBA students

DCRSolutions’ CEO Morten engaged with talented CBS Executive MBA students, delving into business processes and the power of AI in solving real-world challenges.


🔍 Key takeaways? 

Morten presented a unique challenge, tasking students to build flow charts and unravel complex business processes, while harnessing the power of textual analysis. 

đź–ŤUsing text markers, students showcased their ability to extract essential information and identify key components.















Enter DisCoveR! 

Our AI-powered system, designed to mine rules and identify process patterns based on student traces, demonstrated impressive effectiveness. Check out positive results here

👉 Process mining at CBS Executive MBA

Expanding horizons! 

Equipped with an 11-page tutorial, students explored symbolic AI algorithms, answering COVID-19-related questions. 


In summary, the lecture was a resounding success, showcasing the students’ prowess in navigating complex business processes.

Thank you to Copenhagen Business School , Christiane Lehrer, Ioanna Constantiou, and last but certainly not least, Panagiotis Keramidis,, for the opportunity to share our knowledge with exceptional talents.


Together, we’re shaping a future! 🤝🚀