Come join us at Summit2017: Smart Society

Exformatics and The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) will deliver presentations regarding Dynamic Condition Response (DCR) at this year’s SummIT 2017: Smart Society conference on 6thSeptember in Copenhagen. This is a great opportunity for those interested to learn more about the benefits of the DCR process tool through practical examples of the use of DCR. The conference is open to all who are interested, and it is free to join. Just sign up HERE.


We’ll deliver two presentations as part of the theme: Processes & IT. These will constitute the first session on digitisation of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from EU, which will become effective in May 2018. The presentations will take place from 10:00 – 11:30, and will build naturally upon each other.

The first presentation will be presented by Thomas Hildebrandt, a lecturer at ITU and one of the key profiles behind the development of DCR technology. In this presentation, Thomas will present the tool and the theory behind DCR.  He will then focus on how the technology can be used in order to digitise laws and regulations, thereby making work processes more flexible.

The second presentation will be delivered by Morten Marquard, CEO of Exformatics and one of the key profiles behind the development of DCR.  He will be accompanied by Rasmus Strømsted, a business consultant at Exformatics, who has written his bachelor’s thesis on digitising GDPR by using DCR. The presentation is based on an InfinIT project, in which Exformatics, in collaboration with Dreyers Fund, Chamber Attorney, Devoteam and ITU, digitised GDPR using DCR. Morten and Rasmus will talk about our practical experience from the project. In addition, they will share experiences with the implementation of DCR and provide good advice and guidance regarding accommodating GDPR.



SummIT 2017: Smart Society is an exciting gathering place where you can learn more about DCR as well as other promising technologies for innovation of future communities and jobs. Following the presentations on the Processor & IT theme, there will be ample opportunity for an optional chat about DCR. Thomas, Morten and Rasmus are looking forward to welcoming you and will be ready to answer questions and talk about the challenges that are affecting your business right now and how DCR can accommodate these. We hope to see you for a day of inspiration. Sign up HERE.



SummIT 2017: Smart Society is a conference that creates new solutions to known and future challenges in terms of both private and working life. At the conference, you will get hands-on knowledge about the business opportunities and potentials of the Smart Society.

This year, the focus will be on the following seven themes:

  • Big Data & Business Intelligence
  • Future Technologies in Smart Society
  • Processes & IT
  • Security
  • Tracking and positioning services
  • Instability & Interactions design
  • Embedded Systems Engineering



What: SummIT 2017: Smart Society

Where: The Conference will be held in the heart of Copenhagen, DGI-byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 Copenhagen V

When: 6 September, 08:30 – 16:00.

Organiser: The conference is organised by the Innovation Network, InfinIT, which brings together companies and researchers in innovative IT applications.

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