May 26, 2023


Revolutionizing the Financial Sector: Our Journey Continues! 🚀

Are we going to conquer the financial sector with our breakthrough tool?

Morten Marquard, our visionary founder and CEO, believes our solution will become an indispensable tool in the fight against money laundering.

Process mining empowers employees by streamlining complex processes and workflows. Our innovative tool guides users through necessary actions, ensuring compliance and efficient handling of various scenarios, such as a lost Dankort. By quickly identifying patterns and connections, our tool enables financial institutions to proactively address anti-money laundering cases.



Our CEO, Morten Marquard highlights the limitations of traditional machine learning models, emphasizing process mining’s ability to adapt to rapidly changing rules and identify patterns effectively.

One key advantage of process mining lies in leveraging experiences from previous case management to determine best practices and compliance requirements. Our aim is to provide adaptable workflows that align with ever-evolving regulations, allowing for efficient adjustments and continuous improvement.

Our tool is not intended to replace human labor but to enable employees to enhance their work processes. By digitizing document reading and onboarding processes, the tool achieves remarkable precision while reducing the burden of manual work.

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