DCR Solutions and KMD speech at the 2017 BPM Conference

Both Exformatics and KMD have had articles admitted by the international 2017 BPM (Business Process Management) conference and have in this context exclusively been invited to make a presentation on this subject. This year, the conference will be held in Barcelona from 10 – 15 September. The conference itself is classified as being one of the world’s largest and most recognized BPM conferences.


The 2017 BPM conference will be taking place in Barcelona at the Politècnica de Catalunya University and will be the fifteenth conference of its kind. Taking part in this event will be members of the BPM community from the entire world, such as acknowledged researchers and practitioners, who’ll be attending for five days with an exciting program ahead, covering a wide spectrum of presentations, workshops and prize awards. The conference will give you plenty of opportunities to delve into a variety of topics related to BPM such as BPM innovation, process modelling, and BPM technologies.

Read more about the 2017 BPM conference HERE.


Back in 2016, KMD recognized that there was an increasing demand for user-customized tools in the upcoming KMD ECM-solutions called KMD WorkZone. With the desire of further developing KMD WorkZone, KMD entered a partnership with Exformatics, who with the product Dynamic Condition Response (DCR), is one of the leading companies within declarative process-modelling and simulation-tools.

By integrating DCR into KMD WorkZone, KMD has optimized their IT-solution which today is used by 55 public institutions, with roughly 60.000 users in total.

The integration of DCR is especially beneficial for KMD’s IT-solution targeted towards the Danish public sector. In this area, in particular, the law and working conditions for these institutions can be very complicated and are often changed at regular intervals. Thus, KMD can now offer an ECM-solution, which ensures compliance and is constantly capable of supporting the complex circumstances and processes which knowledge workers meet on a daily basis.


In May 2017, KMD rolled out their first DCR integrated IT-solution. This has already created great enthusiasm among KMD’s developers and users, which has now also caught the attention of the international 2017 BPM conference, where KMD has been invited to make a presentation regarding this topic.

At the 2017 BPM conference Lasse N. Hende, the Lead Agile Product Owner on WorkZone products for Mobile and Business Process Management and Jacob Brix, who’s the Head of Product Management and Development in KMD, will be making a presentation regarding both the integration of DCR into KMD WorkZone and the cooperation with Exformatics.

Lasse and Jacob will among other things be going into further detail about the benefits of using DCR, such as the fact that users can now take advantage of the automatic documentation of processes, meaning that carrying out this task manually can now be avoided, as was the case previously. Complying with documentation requirements is now fully handled and secured by the system.


Morten Marquard, CEO at Exformatics and Thomas Hildebrandt, associated professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, who are both key players in the development of the DCR-technology, will also be making a presentation at the 2017 BPM conference.

Their presentations will be focusing on how the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be digitalised by using the DCR-technology. In this connection, they’ll be including cases and sharing their good advice and practical experiences on how to build solutions which will meet the requirements of GDPR.

The two presentations are aiming to target an audience interested in using a declarative process-modelling technology and will be covering the following topics:

  • Process modelling
  • Process Redesign
  • Process Implementation and Change
  • Workflow Systems and Process Execution
  • Adaptive Case Management