March 21, 2023


DCR - winner of IEEE Awards

DCR is proud to congratulate DIKU Associate Professor Tijs Slaats and PhD student Axel Christfort on winning the IEEE 2021 “Best Discovery Algorithm” contest at the flagship International Conference on Process Mining, ICPM, with the DisCoveR process miner! The winning version of the algorithm was submitted in collaboration with our own CTO, Søren Debois.

At DCR, we use AI algorithms such as DisCoveR to give you data-driven, evidence-based insight into your business processes, much faster and more accurately than traditional “brown paper exercises”, and with much better chances of actual changes of work habits. By using that, real-world habits are reflected in data and thus in discovered DCR models, the DCR Indicators technology empowers managers to analyze, understand and ultimately change actual work habits, as well as measuring the effect on such changes.

Once again, congratulations from DCR Solutions to Tijs Slaats and his team at DIKU!

Read more about Process Mining Conference 2021 here: Call for Discovery Algorithms for PDC 2021 – Process Mining Conference 2021 (