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March 22, 2018


DCR x Deloitte Partnership

Deloitte and DCR Solutions have recently entered a partnership concerning the use of DCR technology. This means, that Deloitte in the future will integrate DCR into their deliveries of digital solutions, with an ambition to improve and optimize business processes and workflows.

“We focus on the importance of our consultants having a detailed understanding of the specific business and the processes we are helping our customers optimize and automate, for example, case management in the public sector. Thus, we consider the partnership with DCR Solutions – and the use of DCR Graphs – an obvious match to our ambition to deliver innovative digital solutions, which is based on the end-users needs.” Says Michael Theill, Partner, Government Strategy & Operations, Deloitte Consulting.

At DCR Solutions we are very pleased to welcome Deloitte as our new DCR-partner. We strongly believe that the awareness and development of DCR are best achieved through cooperation with other companies as is the case with this partnership. Thus, we are very pleased that Deloitte has chosen DCR as a platform to deliver their innovative digital solutions and services.


An ambition to deliver innovative digital solutions

Deloitte is working systematically with new technologies for the automation of processes, both in the form of software robots, such as Robotic Process Automation technologies, and more advanced cognitive technologies, such as machine learning and chatbots.

Furthermore, Deloitte sees a big advantage in securing and supporting workflows through the execution of business processes. This is achieved best by using digital solutions guiding and supporting the employees through the entire process. According to Deloitte, those factors both provide better quality and more effective execution of tasks, as well as providing transparency and accurate management information about the performance of the entire process.