KMD and DCR demonstrate KMD Workzone with DCR

On February 6th, 2019, DCR Solutions and representatives from KMD Workzone presented how DCR can support business processes, sometimes also referred to as “dynamic checklists”, in KMD Workzone.

Business owners can take responsibility of creating and managing the “dynamic checklists”, and KMD Workzone can facilitate these “dynamic checklists” as dynamic case activities, as KMD Workzone has DCR inside capabilities.

CTO from DCR Solutions, Morten Marquard, presented and demonstrated how can be used to design and verify business processes, or checklists. Later Jakob Brix from KMD demonstrated how such a business process, or checklist, can be imported into KMD Workzone and facilitate knowledge workers in their complex work.

Go to minute 32:25 in the video to see how KMD Workzone support DCR inside.