Shared knowledge provides more value

Knowledge workers spend a quarter of their time managing e-mails, though Exformatics’ social ECM-solution can contribute by organizing the information and optimize the way we work together.

By Lasse Skytt

One of the biggest challenges for companies today is managing the sheer amount of information and data that they receive. This makes it increasingly difficult to process, structure and convert this precious knowledge, which lies within each and every company.

“Finding useful information can therefore take a very long time, and by the time the information is found, it’s uncertain whether you’ve found the latest mail or the newest document. This leads to wasted time and valuable experiences are lost, says Morten Marquard, development director of the Danish software company Exformatics, who specialize in providing efficiency and dynamics to knowledge-intensive businesses and organizations.

An international study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute in 2012, showed that knowledge workers spend a quarter of their working hours on managing e-mails, while a fifth of their time is spent on searching for internal information or seeking colleagues who can help. McKinsey estimates that companies have the potential of increasing the productivity of employees who work together – highly skilled knowledge workers and top executives – by 20-25 percent, if they fully convert to social technology.

“The results from McKinsey supports our philosophy, namely that communication should be gathered where the company’s activities, information and data already lie,” says Mortens Marquard.


The answer to the above-mentioned problem is not far away. Exformatics’ Social ECM-solution takes care of this by properly structuring the information and optimizes the way we work together.

“The ECM-solution facilitates by providing a platform where all the information from the companies pre-existing IT-systems, for example CRM-, HR- and economic-solutions, are all made available from the same area. This provides an overview and organizes teamwork and knowledge sharing into a system,” explains the development director.

As a result, staff members are capable of finding relevant information and at the same time find out where the latest document or e-mail is.

“Exformatics Social ECM can be implemented immediately and is compatible with the tools that employees are already using from Microsoft Office, for example Word, Excel and Outlook. It’s therefore a solution that systemizes knowledge, aligns communication and makes collaborating easier. Furthermore, it reduces wasted recourses and boosts efficiency,” he underlines.


With the aforementioned modern and social approach towards ECM, Exformatics breaks away from traditional solutions concerning case and document handling.

“Filing and recording doesn’t make the difference alone. An intensive focus on both the process and social dimensions in regards to ECM is a prerequisite, in order to increase value to the organisation. With our unique approach, we’ve focused on the short process from an idea to a fully functioning and user-friendly solution. The solution supports a number of digital work procedures and thereby contributes to increased efficiency,” points out Morten Marquard.

He elaborates further, that the Exformatics-team has the experience and competency necessary to build the bridge between strategic business-development and practical utilization of information technology.

“In overall terms, this leads to increased and more sufficient knowledge sharing in any organisation, and therefore an improved productivity and quality,” he says.