July 14, 2021


True or False: People work most efficiently on Friday afternoons - Berlingske article

This article is originally published in as Sandt eller falsk: Folk arbejder mest effektivt fredag eftermiddag

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A helping hand. That is probably the idea behind most IT systems when they are implemented. A system to optimize the working day and save time and resources. But unfortunately, the digital helping hand in very many companies becomes just another hopeless system to navigate for employees. Simply because one fails to create a system that reflects reality.

The problem

The problem is that we build IT systems for static workflows based on an assembly line mindset, where all employees move slavishly from a to b to c, while the real world is more flexible and constantly changing. That reality must be reflected by IT systems. It requires both knowing the workflows of your employees so that new systems actually become a help and not a burden, but it also requires building flexible systems that are easy to maintain and are not built on expensive and heavy modeling models.

The Dutch researcher Hajo Reijers discovered during a study among municipalities that IT users are extraordinarily active on Friday at 16.00; here they get the most out of hand. It sounds incredible, and of course it's nonsense. People enter data and "review tasks" in their IT systems on Fridays because they can not use them to support their task solution during the week. Instead of being a helping hand, IT systems become a shackle around the leg

The solution

It should be the other way around: IT systems should be adapted to the reality of employees, which requires building flexible systems that can be easily and inexpensively maintained and updated as reality changes. Most important of all is to build systems that do not try to put a complex reality into a simplified box.
As a company, it is crucial to keep in mind that you can not digitize anything if you do not describe work processes among your employees, nor can you put a complex reality down in simplified boxes. This is where the biggest downfall groups are in today's use of IT systems.

For digitization is good when digitization is targeted. One must keep the purpose in mind and support employees in the tasks they are engaged in. Because when the system can go in and help users from an analog to a digital work methodology, where the solution helps the employee daily in his work and does not become an unmanageable project, then it is that IT solutions work.


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