February 20, 2024


Welcome to our new partner: GatewayAPI - send SMS easily worldwide

We are proud to announce our partnership with GatewayAPI. By partnering with GatewayAPI our offering on communicating with customers and partners in processes gets even stronger. 

The ability to communicate via SMS using GatewayAPI and DCR Solutions has many benefits, such as: 

  • Embed your communication within the business process to ensure a smooth, customized and relevant message to customers. No more general messages!
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty: You can deliver personalized and relevant messages to your customers faster and more efficiently. You can also increase your responsiveness and professionalism and build trust and credibility with your customers

Read more at GatewayAPI.

Watch the full video on Youtube.

"Our collaboration with DCR Solutions focus on simplifying compliance and work processes related to GatewayAP for our users. The integration with DCR provides a clearer path through regulatory requirements, directly benefiting those who rely on our system for their messaging needs. In the end, it's all about offering a more efficient, straightforward service that saves time and reduces complications."

Steffen Kræmmer


"At DCR Solutions, our collaboration with GatewayAPI marks a significant milestone in providing our users with a seamless and efficient SMS sending experience worldwide. GatewayAPI emerges as the go-to solution for quick and easy messaging, eliminating the complexities associated with global SMS transmission. Together, we are dedicated to simplifying compliance and streamlining work processes, ensuring our users navigate regulatory requirements effortlessly. Our integration with GatewayAPI not only enhances the efficiency of our services but also reflects our commitment to delivering a straightforward and time-saving solution for all messaging needs. With GatewayAPI as our trusted partner, we are confident in providing a reliable platform that prioritizes user convenience, making global SMS sending a hassle-free experience for everyone."

Morten Marquard