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Our unique technology is built in close cooperation with business transformation enthusiasts, digital experts, and academic communities. Partnerships are simply the best way to bring the power of DCR to more companies.

Integration is everything

Our software provider partners have incorporated the DCR technology in their own application, which is often a case management solution. In addition, software provider partners also sell DCR as part of their own original software.

DCR Solutions Technology Partner offerings

DCR Solutions offer a broad palette of software technologies providing process support, centered around DCR Process Models. Our Technology Partners integrate these technologies into their own offering, achieving competitive advantages in

  • Cutting-edge features:
    – Structured process support
    – End-user process co-development
    – Post-hoc process intelligence analysis
  • Cost-reductions:
    – Significantly reduced time-to-market
    – Rapid process updates

As its core offering, DCR solutions provides:

1. A “Process engine”, which understands DCR process models and can be used to compute “what are the currently available next-steps in my process”

2. The DCR Portal, in which domain-expert end-users construct such process models.

These technologies are applicable in any domain where case-work or processes are more than minimally complex. We give examples below.

DCR Solutions technology address all and only process needs; case and document persistence, authentication, access control, backup strategies, etc. are left to the technology partner.

DCR Solutions is built to slot in directly into your existing infrastructure. The engine is available both as a C# DLL library and as a server-side stateless REST API that runs on either Linux or Windows.

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DCR is the future of business processes

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DCR is the future of business processes

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