There’s a new way to ensure better business processes:

analyze, optimize, digitize

With DCR you get much more out of your own IT systems. Instead of investing in expensive new builds, you can leverage your existing investments through actionable insights and continuous improvement.

DCR Process Mining

Analytical tools for constant diagnosis

DCR Process Mining replaces ‘think’ with ‘know’ in your process diagnosis. Analyze and gain a complete view of event log data and user interactions to spot the bottlenecks and pinpoint why users keep spending too much time on completing cases. You decide what to look for.

And yes: our rule-based analysis of what rules have actually been applied and possibly violated by knowledge workers answers both performance and compliance-related questions.

Turning raw data into actionable insights makes it easier to talk to employees about how and where to optimize business process accordingly.

This is what you can look forward to with the Process Mining tools:

  • Discover how employees really work
  • Perform smart diagnostics to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Explore the hidden details that make a great impact


“With DCR we now have a tool which provides a visual overview of our workflows and at the same time is very easy to update. In addition, our workflow descriptions can now be designed to reflect the natural way of working, where the order of the activities performed can vary greatly, as in the real world.”

Chief Consultant, Aalborg Municipality

Discover how your business really runs

DCR Process Improvement

Instant optimization based on how your business really runs

Having gone deeper and further to mine your log data, you now know the patterns that describe your challenges. And so you are ready to edit, model, strengthen, design and implement better processes. Why? To help employees, to avoid appeal cases, to stay compliant. Your call.

Start by defining your most important activities and add rules to the process. Skip testing and implement your model in a real environment straight away and evaluate if you should add, change or remove steps.

Modeling with DCR Process Improvement strengthens user involvement and empowers knowledge workers to take charge when laws change or when they discover better ways to solve tasks. Our procedure ensures compliance and guides users to the right decisions.

This is what you can look forward to with the Process Improvement tools:

  • Identify opportunities for automation and improvements
  • Improve and monitor in order to meet KPIs
  • Evaluate change alternatives and implement best practices instantly
  • Full transparency every step of the way


“In a second I can change a process in DCR e.g. when legislation changes, and within an hour the change is reflected in our IT-system. This means huge savings and that we can always adjust to changes e.g. in legislation or based on input from the daily users”

Nicklas Healy, Process owner, Syddjurs Municipality

Leverage your existing IT investments

DCR Process Digitalization

Dynamic, fast and compliant integration to existing IT

Public organizations as well as heavily regulated industries are haunted by constant change. Every month there’s a new standard to be met and a new law to deal with. And when the rules change, so do KPIs. Right?

Putting an end to the regime of over-rigid IT processes that bully public organizations and heavily regulated industries, DCR Process Digitalization, DCR Process Designer and our AI guide turns your knowledge work-dependent business processes into dynamically digitized workflows.

Ensuring compliancy, user-friendly interaction, automation and documentation, DCR empowers you to go from constant change to continuous improvement. We cover your workflows, and we make sure that your IT supports legislation and adapt to the business – instead of the other way around.

This is what you can look forward to with Process Digitalization tools:

  • Reduce the complexity and amount of errors in manual processes
  • Fast implementation of rules and law changes
  • Automate by specifying which steps are required and which are optional


“The unique feature of the DCR solution is that legislation and requirements can be digitized directly and maintained locally by domain experts using design and simulation tools. This avoids costly delays and errors that occur when legislation and requirements are implemented by IT developers, who do not understand the domain and daily practice.”

Thomas Hildebrandt, Professor, IT University of Copenhagen

Continue your digitalization journey with DCR now

DCR Design Portal

Map, grab, co-lab

The DCR Design Portal is where everything takes place. Think of it as a collaboration hub for you and your colleagues.

This is where you can map, check and run your process models and ping pong thoughts and ideas with team mates to make sure you cover all the angles.

As a business consultant, you will discover a new way to work. The portal enables you to visualize your models and get rid of your homegrown system of boxes and arrows. As soon as you’ve drawn up a new process, all you have to do to digitize it is to click ‘go’.

This is what you can look forward to with the DCR Portal:

  • Manage your process content across the entire process management suite
  • Streamline presentations and provide easy-to-understand updates to stakeholders
  • View any and all process content in a clear and simple way
  • Drive initiatives across your organization by ensuring everyone is on the same page



”Many software solutions that aim to digitize processes end up putting even more complexity into the process and the end-user’s work. With DCR, it’s the other way around. They cut straight to the bone of what is the essential requirements of a user-friendly and efficient digital process – and at the same time making it possible to digitalize processes fast and with great value.”

Michael Theill, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte

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