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Finally, public organizations and regulated business can digitize the processes that are based on complicated legislation. By reducing the risk, cost, and realization time that normally comes with new technology.

Using intelligence to optimize existing processes

Continuous intelligent optimization

Using DCR to analyze your range of existing work processes is a great way to get suggestions for real time optimization and improvement.

You can implement new processes and get the knowledge workers’ response straight away. Their response is the evidence you need in order to make process changes that work in real life, not just in a diagram.

With evidence-based information, you can look forward to:

  • improved overview of inefficiencies
  • improved overview of optimization opportunities
  • fast implementation of changes
  • improved visual overview of compliance and case management

Securing compliant work processes

So what happens when they change the law?

With the DCR tools and methodology, users get work processes that are always 100 % compliant.

You can ensure that you get your workflows fully covered so that the systems support the legislation and are easily adapted by the organization when changes occur.

With compliant processes, you can look forward to:

  • increased compliance
  • increased quality of documentation
  • faster implementation of changes e.g. changes in the law

Dynamic process support for knowledge workers

Live support for dynamic processes

When decisions must be made with direct consequences for citizens and companies, the knowledge worker must comply with rules and laws, and not least document the case. The heavy workflows have been difficult to digitize and optimize because the tasks require a great deal of knowledge and experience, which is difficult to put into a formula.

But no more! It is time to say goodbye to rigid IT systems, the D in DCR stands for ‘Dynamic’ because we know that most work processes are never static, but vibrant, active, and interdependent.

Empowering knowledge workers to do their job is also a matter of ensuring that the systems they use are ready to match the challenges they face when servicing citizens.

As a knowledge worker, you can look forward to:

  • faster case management
  • increased employee satisfaction
  • a decrease in complexity and manual errors
  • increased quality and consistency of case management

Digitalization of work processes

Digitalization isn’t an IT project anymore

Intelligently automating or digitizing complex work processes is a great way to save resources and reduce the number of manual mistakes.

DCR Process Mining helps analyze log data, DCR Process Improvement makes it easy to design digital process models and implement actionable insights. And with DCR Process Digitalization, your process models will guide case management users from A to Z.

This is what you can look forward to:

  • increased business value by taking small steps that make a great impact
  • reduced complexity and amount of errors in manual processes
  • faster implementation of rules and law changes
  • increased potential to automate repetitive tasks

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