DCR Academy: DCR Modeling Course

The course is aimed at users working with DCR process modeling. In the DCR Modeling Course, you will get in-depth training with the use of the DCR tool.

At this course, participants will be taught about the DCR methodology and gain an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental parts of modeling, and be equipped to be able to engage in modeling processes optimally.

Participants will learn to use advanced tools such as activities driven by deadlines, process hierarchies, and data-driven processes.

The course consists of 18 case-based assignments based on relevant challenges, which will be solved step by step during the course. Supplementary material is provided, which can be used if the participants want additional background knowledge.

It is not required to have completed The DCR Foundation Course before taking this course, but it is recommended if participants have no experience with the DCR technology or BPM.

Njaslgade 76 or online

20,000 DKK - 75,000 DKK

"The course provided a thorough and in-depth introduction to the flexible functions of DCR. This means that we are now even stronger in terms of advising and contributing to increased automation with our customers."

Management Consultant

Mia Flarup Staunstrup, The Tech Collective powered by IMPLEMENT


Option 1
Open attendance (a mix of customers), max 8 participants
Price 20,000 DKK per participant

Option 2
The course is held on-site at the customer location
75,000 DKK + transport

Types of course attendees

- Super Users
- Process Owners
- Management Consultants
- DCR Portal Administrators


3 days (24 hours)
3 separate days held with approx. one week apart


A certificate will be provided to each participant upon completion of the course.

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Process & AI Specialist

Rasmus Strømsted

If you are interested in booking a DCR Training Course, or if you just want to hear more about our courses, then please give me a call or send me an e-mail.

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